Is Cold calling effective to generate leads?

Is Cold calling effective to generate leads?
  • 19-Mar-2019
Is Cold calling effective to generate leads?

Is Cold calling effective to generate leads? Answer is “No”, in fact cold calling is one of the strongest tools to generate quality Leads or sales.

In this post, we are going to describe that how cold calling is effective to grow a business or generate quality sales or Leads. Cold calling is a process which through Service Provider or Product Company gets data from the market or survey and make call to aware about the product and convince customer to take their services or products.

Cold calling is not the way of communication via phone only; it could be SMS marketing, Email Marketing and Call to Customer as well. In this way 80-90 percent people say no to the service at that time.

At the point of Organization, the caller executive convinced the customer to take their product or services that is verified and exclusive.

In the process of cold calling, organization get data of customers from multiple sources like giving advertisement on print media, electronic media or social media as well, then after the process to start calling on the received data to get inform the customer about their product and services. When customer/client convinced after conversation with calling agent. The deal gets closed. The customer/client is exclusive. If Service or Product is good, customer never breaks the relation.


How to Get Started Cold calling the right way:


To use phone calls as an effective lead generation strategy, I recommend you create a specialized sales development rep position within the sales or marketing group or hire a firm that specializes in teleprospecting.

Make sure that your cold-calling connects to your other ongoing marketing and reputation-building activities. Prospecting must be smart, articulate, engaging and organized. Their training should focus on making them a consistently productive and sustainable extension of the selling effort.

The phone is the human touch of your lead nurturing program, and thus every opportunity including cold calling to a potential customer should be treated with great respect. Each time you pick up the phone, whether it be the first call or subsequent calls, it’s important to create value by giving your prospects useful information in digestible, bite-size chunks.

Here are 7 steps to improve your cold calling results.

Step 1: Sustain the calling.

Step 2: Make every call count

Step 3: Throw away the scripts use call guides instead

Step 4: Respect Executive Assistants

Step 5: Always be relevant and über-informed

Step 6: Gain opt-in 

Step 7: Always follow-up



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