The importance of Technology during COVID-19

The importance of Technology during COVID-19
  • 25-Aug-2021
The importance of Technology during COVID-19

Impact of COVID-19 in Human's Life

Who is ignorant of today's situation that what havoc Corona has caused. Who does not know about Corona today? Corona has not only affected the common life but has also affected the professional life of the people. Ever since the corona disease has shown its glory, people are getting worried. Somewhere people have lost their loved ones and somewhere people are troubled by their business. 

On one hand, when the entire industry is troubled by waste and loss, the technology industry is helping the people and the government a lot. Today people have understood that how technology can affect people's life and their lifestyle and lead them towards a better life.

Before Corona, many people had the impression that we can live without technology, but since the Corona era has come, people have started adopting technology directly or indirectly, whether it is education, shopping, daily use goods. or business. All kinds of people have now understood the importance of technology and are adopting it too.

In all this, there are some important sectors which are progressing very fast by connecting with technology.

Some of the technical solutions that can be adopted or adopted by different countries are:

Benefits of Technology in Business during COVID-19

Work from Home: Many MNCs almost all MNCs are recommending to their employees to work from home due to this pandemic. All the Administration either in Government, Public Sector or Private Sector prefer for Work from Home during the COVID-19 period. Since the Canadian prime minister's wife has tested positive for coronavirus, she is under self-quarantine and is undertaking tele-governance work to carry out her administrative responsibilities.

Today, all you need is a laptop and a good internet connection to access your office servers, work on your projects and deliver the desired results. Online services such as TeamViewer, AnyDesk can be used for remote access, desktop sharing, online meetings, web conferencing, and file transfers between computers. Working from home is the future, as it will help save costly office space, reduce transportation costs and increase employee productivity.

Video Conferencing: App like Zoom, Google Meet and Skype will be used for any meeting so that there is no crowd in one place. These apps can be uploaded on the desktop/laptop/mobile phone of the employees.

Benefits of Technology in Medical during COVID-19

Robotics: Robots can be deployed in isolation wards to take care of patients by serving them food, medicines etc. In China, a robot named Little Peanut delivers food to quarantined patients in a hotel. In a Chinese hospital, patients hand rubbish and bed sheets to robots. In the US, a patient in Washington state is being treated by a robot named Vicki, through which he communicates with his care team. Chabot's are being used to keep passengers updated on the latest travel procedures and disruptions.

Tele-Medicine: This technology is being used by large hospitals across the US to securely examine and treat patients from remote locations. Rush University Medical Center in Chicago recently set up a virtual medical line to help test patients for the coronavirus.

Benefits of Technology in Human Lifestyle during COVID-19

Autonomous Vehicles and Drones: These are being used to deliver essential goods like medicines and food items. China's largest private courier, SF Express, is using them to deliver medical supplies to Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital in China's Hubei province. Drones are also being used for patrolling public places, non-compliance with quarantine mandates and for thermal imaging.

Baidu's autonomous vehicle platform, Apollo, has joined hands with self-driving start-up Neolix to deliver supplies and food to a large hospital in Beijing. It has made its micro-car kits and autonomous driving cloud services available for free to companies fighting the virus.

Virtual Biometrics: Facial and iris recognition solutions integrated with infra-red thermometers are increasingly used for screening. The government and several private companies in India have suspended the contact-based biometric time and attendance system. These can also be used to track and quarantine the movement of suspected infected persons.

Artificial Intelligence: AI is helping diagnose and develop disease cures. Several hospitals in the world are using AI-based software to scan through CT images of patients' lungs to look for signs of infection. Cloud computing resources and supercomputers from several major tech companies such as Tencent, DiDi and Huawei are being used to fast-track the development of virus cures or vaccines. Several pharmaceutical companies are using AI-powered drug discovery platforms or mining through databases of already approved drugs (for other diseases) to find cures.

Contactless Working: Paperless working is being promoted in offices to avoid physical contact. The apex bank in India has advocated digital transactions over physical exchange of currency to contain the spread of the virus. Delhi Metro has recommended the use of contactless Metro cards for travel.

Benefits of Technology in Education during COVID-19

Online Classes: There are huge impact of corona in Education sector because there are no any schools, colleges, universities, institutions are open. This is directly impact to knowledge of kids and students who is studying in pre-schools, schools, colleges or university. In fact the pupils who is preparing of competitive exams are also suffered from guidance because of closure. 

In this way technology of Video Conferencing software's helped them to get in touch with their mentors to clear their doubts or study further.

In these challenging times, it is sure that technology, AI and data science are critical to helping us tackle the outbreak effectively. Let us take this as a hidden opportunity to develop technology to meet new challenges.


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