What is the purpose of using social media?

What is the purpose of using social media?
  • 01-Jun-2021
What is the purpose of using social media?

What is the main reason for using social networks.

Social media is a medium to connect and interact with people. In the present time, where people's life has become very busy and personal, social media has become a powerful medium to connect with people. People are getting busy day by day due to which there is a lack of engagement among the people. The same social media has become a medium to stay connected through which people can communicate with their close ones, friends, relatives or stakeholders and wider community with all like-minded individuals and answer their questions. You can also make friends and network using social media platform.

Nowdays, Social media plays a crucial role in every person's life. Accessing information, providing information and communicating through social media has become an easier and more convenient medium.

According to the University of Cumbria, social media sites have become important tools in education, marketing and communication for your personal brand and that of your future employer.

From an education perspective, tutors and students can be connected and make good use of these platforms for their learning and teaching benefits. If seen from the business point of view, then the customer and seller can remain connected with each other, due to which transparency and transactions can be increased and fast in the business. The seller can make and keep direct contact with his customer through social media.

Social Media History

Many people like to introduce the history of social media with the development of communication technology that has been taking place since the late 19th century. A common starting point is Samuel Morse's first telegraph, which he sent between Washington, DC and Baltimore in 1844.

However, aside from our definition from earlier, this type of communication does not qualify as social media history. First, it doesn't happen "online," and second, Telegram doesn't contribute to a larger community or collective. Instead, they are used to send personal messages between two people. So, while it is interesting to consider social media as part of a much larger continuum, the real history of social media begins with the emergence of the Internet in the 1970s.

Rapid Development of the Internet

The Internet has its roots in the 1960s and 1970s when various private and public organizations were trying to find ways to get computers to communicate with each other. In a sense it can be considered the beginning of online social media. However, it was not until the 1980s, and indeed in the 1990s, that personal computers became more common, which set the stage for the emergence of social media.

Additionally, the emergence of blogging in the 1990s helped usher in the age of social media. The idea that an average person could log on to the Internet and write down what they were thinking, feeling, doing, and their personal news, and that anyone could see these posts at any time. Can read, and can give feedback, start people understand the full importance of internet.

Why use Social Media for Business

Social media also plays an important role in the growth of business. Due to transparency and low cost in advertising, sales are also accelerated and due to direct access to the customer, efficiency and accuracy of work is also brought in.

It doesn't matter whether you run a small local shop or a large national company. Social media is an important part of your business marketing strategy.

Social platforms help us to keep connect with your customers, increase awareness of your brand, and boost your leads and sales. With three billion people worldwide using social media monthly, users and engagement across key platforms continues to grow.

Here are the top 10 reasons to use Social Media:

  • Stay up to date with news and current events (36.5%)
  • Find fun or entertaining content (35%)
  • fill free time (34.4%)
  • Keep in touch with what my friends are doing (33%)
  • Share photos or videos with others (27.9%)
  • Research products to buy (27.5%)
  • General networking with other people (26.8%)
  • Because a lot of my friends are on them (25.1%)
  • Share my opinion (23.4%)
  • Meet new people (21.3%)

Some Positive reasons to use Social Media platforms :

  • Instant online discussions
  • Make Relationships or Connected with them
  • Fast Knowledge Sharing
  • Lowest cost and affordable for everyone
  • Can connect or contact at any time
  • Cost Effective Business/Product Branding and Promotion

According to Digital Report 2021, there are currently more than 4.2 billion active users of social media worldwide.

Disadvantages of Social Networks in society

Where social media connects people, it also has its own disadvantages. There are many reasons why ultimate social media satisfaction is leading to corrupt emotional power. For starters, the more time a teen spends on social media sites, such as Facebook or Instagram, represents a greater chance of becoming a victim of cyber-bullying. So there are various aspects like artificial expression of real life on social media, which create a powerful sense of resentment and self-doubt among the observers. In fact, people here go far away from their reality, to impress others or to boast about the ideal life. This is the reason that today's youth are forgetting their ideal lifestyle and create imaginary world, in the event of which they end up harming themselves or their families.


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