Pew Survey : Only 25% adults in India use Internet

Pew Survey : Only 25% adults  in India use Internet
  • 21-Jun-2018
Pew Survey : Only 25% adults in India use Internet

SAN FRANCISCO: Despite verbalise Digital Asian nationsolely one-in-four within the country rumoredexploitation the web in 2017, that is among the bottom within the world, per a replacement survey by the bench centre.

South Korea stands out because the most heavily connected society, with ninety six per cent of adults coverage net use, showed the the survey conducted in thirty seven countries.

While majorities use the web in abundant of the planetgeographic area and Asian nation has abundantto catch up with, per the results discharged on Tuesday.

Samrtphone possession among adults in Asian nation went up from twelve per cent in 2013 to twenty twoper cent in 2017, whereas social media use went up from eight to twenty per cent throughout an equivalent amount.

That means seventy eight per cent of adults in Asian nation don't own a smartphone and a thumpingeighty per cent of the population within the country haven't any clues regarding Facebook or Twitter.

While the gap in net use between rising and advanced economies has narrowed in recent years, there square measure still massive swaths of the planet wherever important numbers of voters don't use the web, the study aforementioned.

Internet penetration rates -- as measured by net use or smartphone possession -- stay high in North America and far of Europe, likewise as in components of the Asia-Pacific.

Yet, others don't seem to be so much behind. In Australia, Netherlands, Sweden, Canada, the US, Israel, the UK, Germany, France and Spain, roughly nine-in-ten report net use.

Regionally, geographic area is one amongst the smallest amount wired components of the world.

However, among people that use the web, those in developing countries usually end up to be a lot ofpossible than their counterparts in advanced economies to network via platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

In 2015-16, roughly four-in-ten adults across the rising nations surveyed aforementioned they used social networking sites.

As of 2017, fifty three per cent use social media. Over an equivalent amount, social media use has been typically level in several of the advanced economies surveyed.

The report conjointly showed that there has been a gradual increase in net use over the past 5 years among the nineteen rising and developing economies surveyed.

In 2013, solely sixteen per cent adults in Asian nation rumored exploitation the webthe proportion of adults exploitation the web in Asian nation went up to twenty five per cent in 2017.

Between 2013 and 2014, a median of forty two per cent across the rising and developing economies aforementioned they accessed the web a minimum of often or closely-held a smartphone.

By 2017, a median of sixty four per cent were on-line. Meanwhile, net use among the seventeen advanced economies surveyed has remained comparatively flat, with a median of eighty seven per cent across these nations exploitation the web a minimum of often in 2017, kind of like the eighty six per cent WHOaforementioned this in 2015 or 2016.

Similarly, in 2013-14, a couple of quarter of individuals in rising and developing economies rumoredowning a smartphone.

By 2017, that share had up to forty two per cent. Among the advanced economies, seventy two per cent report owning a smartphone in 2017, an equivalent rate as in 2015-16.


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